Come and discover a new experience in dentistry, close and familiar. We are focused on restoring dental health, orthodontics, and aesthetics.

With our treatments, you can feel good about showing your best smile.


Now it is the moment. At SMALIA we want to be part of your family, in which you trust, and together we will give your best smile. We specialize in:

Dental Implants

Treatments with dental implants will provide you with the chance to smile just the way you like. We achieve this by replacing the missing teeth and bringing back their natural look.

Invisible Orthodontics / Invisalign

Invisible orthodontics goes beyond any dental treatment, we accompany you from the first minute in the creation of your new smile.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are a cosmetic treatment used to enhance your smile. A professional hand-crafted, ultra-thin porcelain shell that is placed on the surface of your own teeth with amazing results.

Teeth Whitening

With our Phillips Zoom teeth whitening system you can have a whiter and more natural smile in a single appointment.

Digital Dentistry

With our SMALIA Smile Design, a better projection can be made according to your needs and expectations presenting a sample of the possible result.

Dental Cleaning

Professional teeth cleanings are scheduled twice a year, we will help you to prevent the most common dental diseases such as tooth decay.


Thanks to the combination of different techniques we can design your smile as you always dreamed of it.

Our team of specialists works as a team to meet your expectations.

We use the most advanced technology and premium dental materials to achieve results that last over time.

With our SMALIA Smile Design, a better projection can be made according to your needs and expectations presenting a sample of the possible result.

Do you want to improve the aesthetics of your smile?

It’s the moment! Do not hesitate to contact us and make an appointment with our specialist in dental aesthetics, Dr. Cristina Fenés.


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Dental Implants: We can replace your missing tooth/teeth in just 24 hours!

One missing tooth may not seem like a big deal. But when you don’t replace it, the impact can be surprising.

Replacing missing teeth is an important part of restoring your smile and a functioning bite.

A Dental implant is an artificial tooth “root” artificially placed in your mouth to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, denture, or bridge.

Treatments with dental implants will provide you with the chance to smile just the way you like.

We work with the best dental implant brands.

Barcelona´s dentistDentist in Barcelona
Bichectomy Barcelona

Too young for wrinkles?

Wrinkles are something we all associate with aging. As we age, skin moisture can drop significantly, which makes the skin lose elasticity and expose the signs of aging on the skin. Our specialist are qualified to perform infiltrations of hyaluronic acid preventing wrinkles and others signs of aging.

Also we can help you with our newest facial sculpting technique. “Bichectomy” is a surgical procedure to thin the facial contour, eliminating one of the portions of the bucal fat pad that lies below the cheekbones.

If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us and ask for your appointment with the specialist.


You can have the perfect smile, easily, quickly, and invisibly.

Thanks to our new intraoral scanner Itero II you will be able to see in less than 10 minutes what your new smile will be like.

Ask for your appointment now.


One of the things that our international patients value most is that we can speak in their own language.

At Smalia we work every day to continually improve and give our patients the best smiles through a transparent and quality dental experience.


  • Excellent team of doctors and staff. They are warm, caring, and very professional. I had a very good experience and definitely recommend to others too. Best dentist I ever seen in different countries including Japan.

    Toshiko Takahashi Avatar Toshiko Takahashi
    11 February, 2020

    This place is AWESOME. Me and my husband are in barcelona for work. Now we find a great dentist. I doing the invisalign. Let see what will happen. I love them all good job

    Muriel Sentoff Avatar Muriel Sentoff
    10 December, 2019

    I was recommended by a friend to use this Dental surgery for a couple of reasons. 1) Speak perfect English 2) Very professional modern facility 3) Very friendly accommodating staff I cannot agree more!! Excellent service it was really a pleasure and you don’t get to say that very often about a visit to the dentist!! Highly recommend, very speedy and helpful service. Thank you Valentina and staff.

    Rebecca Yewdall Avatar Rebecca Yewdall
    28 November, 2019
  • Wanted to get my teeth whitened here in Barcelona and am from the US (Kansas) and I got mine done here and also a cleaning. The cleaning was great and the teeth whitening had very good results and both were very reasonable priced. The owners of this clinic are great people! Clinic is very clean and very professional. The best dental clinic in town.

    Tyler Bruce Avatar Tyler Bruce
    9 July, 2019

    Just had my veneers done and I am extremely happy with my results. The clinic and their staff are exceptionally professional. They took great care of me each time I visited and my veneers look better than I expected. Couldn’t be happier with the choice I made!!!

    Aliya De montrichard Avatar Aliya De montrichard
    4 May, 2019

    Clinica Smalia is absolutely fantastic - I recently moved to Spain and had to find a dentist I trust. The stuff is really polite, they speak English and the professionalism is second to none. I've already visited the Clinic 3 times for tooth whitening, hygiene and a tooth reconstruction and I can't recommend Dentist Fenés enough. She is knowledgeable, her work is very neat and painless. I'm very pleased with the service.

    Elektra Klimi Avatar Elektra Klimi
    21 March, 2019



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